Started in 2010, RoJGrafix specializes in promotional design projects such as CD packaging (including tray cards, disc art, and inserts), logos, posters, flyers, banners, Website Designs via the WIX platform, and more. The company was started with the idea of using the creative exchange. This means projects are built off of what the customer wants. We then add the ideas, tactics, and skills of the company to the customers vision to develop a really great composition piece.


RoJGrafix has become known for their reasonable prices and the fast turnaround time. Having worked with numerous artists and companies, the owner has 5+ years experience in the field. This experience has lead RoJGrafix to become a viable option for all upcoming artists and businesses in need of high quality promotional material.

The mission of RoJGrafix is to provide great, customer based promotional art in a decent amount of time. We want each customer to walk away with an original piece that you can guarantee no one else will have.



Designs catered to you. You are involved from the first step to the finalization of your project. Through means of communication we make your project uniquely yours!


All branding is optimized to be used online. High quality banners, vector logos, and interchangable designs help bring your brand online.


There are multiple ways to communicate your ideas. RoJGrafix is available via email, social media, and text message. We look forward to talking with you!


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